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Author Topic: Looking for RP......  (Read 230 times)

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Looking for RP......
« on: March 28, 2019, 02:09 PM »

Ok, I'm downright desperate... I've not been able to RP in probably close to a year... and then it was with someone I've RP'd with for nearly TWENTY YEARS so it was downright dull and predictable...

Only real requirement is ABSOLUTELY NO DICE!!! I have tried and hated attempting tabletop over forum... not only is it painfully slow, but its impossible to really surprise anyone since  in a 2-fur RP, both the DM and the player have to know absolutely every stat and secret, which makes it boring and puts a heavy strain on the DM to 100% run the plot and keep everything in-line with the rules... (also if anyone so much as mentions GURPS I will scream X_X there's a reason I took as few math classes in school as I could... I don't want to have to learn trigonometry and calculus in order to make a pointy-stick to defend myself with...)

I'm open to Medieval Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fan, Post-Apocalypse, hell I'll even do MLP (through it will be in one of my own modified worlds based loosely on S3 (I think) because I have not kept up with it since they ruined my favorite parts).

So... Who's up for some wild furry adventures? *insane hungry grin*
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