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Author Topic: Furry Web Comics  (Read 37723 times)

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Furry Web Comics
« on: February 26, 2009, 08:20 PM »

Furry Web Comics

This is a topic that I am creating for people to post their favorite furry web comics in.  There are a lot of good furry web comics out there that not many furs know about because they are really hard to find and the only way to really hear about them is from other furs.

So here is the deal. Send me a Furry Web Comic that is not on the list along with a brief description and I will add it to the list. And be advised. I don't just add a comic to the list with what you say. I read it first and then write my own narrative on what I think of it. So just remember that it may take me a little bit to add a link to the list. But I promise that I will add all the Furry comics that you guys post. Just remember to be patient ^.^

A - Adult
V - Violence
N - Nudity
L -  Adult Language
Y - Yiffy
H - Homosexual main characters

www.fletcherapts.com Good comic by JT. So far seems to be about a rock star goat and his friends and the crazy girls that seem to alwase fall for him. Who would have though being a rocker would get you the crazy ones AVL

http://www.cyantian.net/  This is one that I have ben reading for a while now. It is space age and it so far seems to have a lot of mystery as to the actually story line  AVL

http://aliendice.com/ Now this one dose not have furries but it dose have feral. It is another space age one done by the same artist that dose Cyntian. It is sort of like Pokemon in space and a lot more violent  AVL

http://www.bluecrashkit.com/index.php This is just your every day messed up story line web comic about three super heroes and there odd life AVNLH

http://www.webcomicsnation.com/graveyardgreg/carpediem/series.php A web comic about the life of a group of body builders. Good story line. Strong feeling in it too. Mostly about the love life of two gay guys ALH

http://www.longtail.us/coons/ This is one about a guy that winds up being the slave to this total slut and bitch of a girl for a full month. See the things that she makes him do and see the way that he hates it all. Funny and a pretty strong story in it as well ANLY

http://www.missmab.com/ Now I am sure you have all at least seen this one before. I love it. Grate comic with multiple story lines that last only about 70 comics and 500 comics to date.  VL

http://www.furry.org.au/fz/index.html This one is just cute. Based on the life of young furs still in pre-school but still has a good mature story line to it. Not yiffy but just grown up stuff  L

http://www.rhjunior.com/ This one is based on the life of a big bear his concisions who have taken on forms of there own to help him through his what use to be a dull life L

http://www.pholph.com/ this one is called Jack and by far my favorite web comic. It is based on the life of Wrath on of the seven deadly sins living in hell. Multiple story lines and lots of violence AVNLH

http://langlang.keenspace.com/ Another based on kids in school but it is just plane cute. It is about triplets and life in there little town. A good read for any fur

http://www.otenba-files.com/main.html Not really furry in general but it has them in it. Based on a military school and the life of a girl that just moved there. Strong story line that is pretty serious and a bit of comedy thrown in there AVNH

http://www.roomies-comic.com/cgi-bin/roomies.cgi Ok, now I really have no idea about this story line or were the artist is heading with it but it has ben pretty well done so far. VL

http://www.strangecandy.net/  Another comic that dose not really have furries in general. It is based on some people that have ben sucked into the world of animie. They have to go through all the different types of animie to get home. AVLH

http://endofthings.keenspace.com/ Not realy much to go on. It is about a wolf that has an eating disorder and seems to be gay and in denial. More to come with more story line AL

http://suburbanjungle.com/  A really long running comic based on a tigress that is a super model and her life that involves love, betrayal, comedy, and hart brake AL

http://2kinds.com/ What happens when humans hate furry and kill them on site. But then what happens when there best hunter losses his memory and then falls in love with a cute, shy, female tiger. Click to find out AVNL

http://www.vgcats.com/ ok, If you have not herd of this one with I dought. It is about two cats that are in Video Games. It is a comic where the artist comes up with random weird things that he probably thought up while playing games or sitting around with friends. Vary funny and vary well done  L

http://www.liondogworks.com/fur-piled.html A story about a Husky that just wants to find his true live. Lots of funny one liners in it but dose not update vary often ALH

http://www.sabrina-online.com/thismonth.html Based on a skunk that is a web site designer for the grate Zig Zag and her porno theater. Vary funny and normally has a lot of teasing in it. Almost seams realistic with how well it was done ANL

http://www.vreakerz.com/ Another gothy comic that not may furs have herd about. It is not really funny but I still like it AVL

http://www.ozyandmillie.org/   This is a grate Comic about a Fox and a Silver Fox. They are cubs and trying to get thrugh life while comeing to terms with the grate questions that life brings to mind.

http://www.newshounds.com/  I liked this one. Sort of slow and most probably won't like it. It is basically like the name says. It is about a hound that is in the news bisnes. But all in all it is a good comic to read if you do not like overly silly stuff

http://www.badlydrawnkitties.com/  A comic that I use to read. It is about a female cat that dose the music for porn. Basically your perverted version of Sabrina Online  ANLHY

http://kitnkayboodle.keenspace.com/  Cute and yiffy. This is nothing more than a comic that seems to look at the cute side of yiff. Good if you are a furvert like me ANLHY

http://www.genecatlow.com/  Ah, now this here is from a vary well known Furry Artist. It is political in a sense but it is also pretty complicated. For those that like series stuff this is the comic for you  AVL

http://www.doemain.com/  This one is about a buck and his wife and there every day life in the suburbs

http://zarla.keenspace.com/  One that I love. Silly, odd, wired, crazy, and just plane funny. No really story line behind it. Just the odd imagination of Zarla and her friends  AVL

http://www.vincifruit.com/ Pretty sure you have all already heard of this one. It is about two gay males and there life. One is a Coon and the other some odd thing I can't ever really remember what it is called. Funny and some times looks at the more depressing part of a guy couples life. A vary good read in my opinion  ALH

http://www.raccoony.com/index.htm Ok, This one is about a Coon that is in love with a fox but dose not know how to tell him.  The comic is basically about him trying to win the affection of his dream guy ALH

www.jaynaylor.com This is a comic about a young kitten named Fisk and his life as a child. It is a "coming of age" comic and some might not like it but most do. Note that just because Fisk is a still a kitten there is still a lot of adult situations in it  AVL

http://www.mistythemouse.com/ From the creator of Sabrina Online. This is about the life of Misty the busty chested mouse. It is cute in its own way. Fun for any one to read A L

http://www.rcsitravel.net/  Ok, This on is about our world but were the seal that contains all magic is broken. And because of that a pixie is sent to our world to find out why and she meets a Golden Lab. So far that is pretty much it but it looks like it will turn out to be a grate comic

http://www.katbox.net/laslindas/  Wow, I really like this one. It is about a cow girl living on a farm and trying not to lose it. It has grate art, a grate story line, and it has a lot of homer tossed into it. It also has drama so it stays interesting. If you like comics that are just silly then you will like this one A

http://www.namirdeiter.com/index.php This comic is about some friends and there life starting from middle school all the way up to college. There is homer, love, hate, betrayal, and just about every other emotion out there. This comic sort of reminds me of a teenager’s soap opera.

http://www.soapylemon.com/ This is a comic about an actor and his life. This comic to me seems to change pace a lot and if you can keep up with it you will like it. It is a bit dramatic but still a vary well done comic.

http://www.ozfoxes.com/fauxpas.htm this is a cute comic based on real animals. It is about the life of a young male fox that is confused about why he likes this one female fox so much. It is funny to see how horribly inexperienced he is when it comes to love and acting like a wild fox and not one that has lived on a farm his entire life

http://www.supermegatopia.com/index.htm This is truly and original comic. It is a like the old school comic books with super heroes. Interesting story lines, good art, and vary colorful. For all you super nerds out there this is the comic for you. But be warned. It updates rarely AVL

http://www.dungeond.com/ This seems to be your typical fantasy D&D based comic. It is still newish and so far seems to be good. Only time can tell. Funny in a sort of dry way, as well. All in all it is just silly AVL

http://www.radioactivepanda.com/comic/ This one is about a mad scientist, a decapitated head on a robot body, and a werewolf and there messed up and horribly crazy life and what ever strange thing is thrown there way AVL

http://catenamanor.com/ A comic about a rather large house with quite a few people staying in it. Pretty much your typical "lots of room mates" kind of comic. It has romance and stuff in it and to me is your all around well-balanced comic. It has your prep, the nerd, the evil guy, the good guy, the dumb bubble headed chick, and your regular guys. It also has the most kick ass art and the detail to the fur's fur is just awesome. Oh, and it is a christen comic so some might not like it for that reason

http://www.elgoonishshive.com/ This on is not really furry as it is Were creature. It is about two guys that come across a wear squirrel. But she is not your typical wear squirrel, She is a secret weapon. Can the two guys save her so that she can have a normal life? Read and find out AVL

Data Coming Soon
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Re: Furry Web Comics
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2009, 08:56 PM »

wow this is a huge list!

can we pin this? so we can get to it easy?


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Re: Furry Web Comics
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2009, 09:39 PM »

I can pin it!  It is a great resource for those looking for a variety of good comics!  I know I'll be using it to read some. ^^

And I hate to pimp myself usually, but.... I'm really curious as to what you think of my comic.  If you feel like reading through it, it's not that long, so it won't take too much of your time.


(just ignore the filler crap on the front page right now please... that's just to fill space until I get my next comic up).

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Re: Furry Web Comics
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2009, 10:05 PM »

wow this is a huge list!

can we pin this? so we can get to it easy?
I am all for that. I normaly have to track this thing down after about a month, seeing as it will not be updated a lot XD

Yeah, I acualy though I added yours when I added "End of Things" Ben reading it for about 4 months now
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