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 on: March 26, 2019, 11:35 AM 
Started by Lloxie - Last post by Kata'lina
hihihi sweetie! Welcome back! <3
I really do love the fact that some of the original members are here still. Mew!

 on: March 26, 2019, 11:27 AM 
Started by Ashton Durkhun - Last post by Kata'lina
Well, as we all know, people by thier very nature want the juicy gossip, andto point and laugh at what they think is different, and Many of them secretly are into, or wish they were into these sort of things.

Furries, as a whole, is a wonderful sub-culture. Because of this fandom, i've met some of the most awesom people, the loves of my life, openess, acceptance, it's given me purpose, it's opened my creativness and confidence. I make jewlery, I make art, I write poems, I have a youtube channel with almost 100 videos.
I have a discord, twitter, and so on. 90% of my friends are furries.

Because of this fandom, I can smile. They helped me get my smile! Because of this fandom, i'm not so ashamed of myself. I've travled all over this country, and soon-ish will be traveling outside of it.

So what is my point? My point is, the media will Always give what the people want. And what they want is things that makes them feel better about themselves. That's why its usually trash.

But...with so many wonderful people in the fandom, doing such Amazing things...charities, and ways to help others and just a plethra of things...the media can't help but notice That as well.

And, we are using our voices, we are being heard in all the right ways.

Are there still cringe worthy things? Yes, and there always will be sadly. We are...whether we like it or not...humans.

But i feel as long as we do what is right, and just keep being us. then...well I think that's just it.

also i JUST woke up and my thoughts are not all there. Well..they are, i just cannot formulate them.

 on: March 26, 2019, 12:13 AM 
Started by Lloxie - Last post by Lloxie
Hey folks. xD Sorry I vanished for quite a while, heh. Been a crazy few years. How is everyone? I've largely reduced my online presence in the last several months down to basically just InkBunny and discord, and to a lesser degree FurAffinity and Newgrounds. Completely ditched Tumblr and Facebook. I'll link my IB in the appropriate section. Good news is I finally have a digital tablet and have been slowly but surely practicing up on my digital doodling skills!

Not a lot to say other than that, unfortunately. Not much has changed in my life, although I've been helping my family with a ton of renovation work on the old house I grew up in. Other than that, kind of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere, but hey, at least I'm still kicking, right? Heh. Hope to pop in here a bit more. ^^

 on: March 25, 2019, 06:56 PM 
Started by Ashton Durkhun - Last post by Ashton Durkhun
As I said in another post, I've been watching a lot of furry and furry-related content as of late. One of these was an interesting series called "Furries in the Media", which, as you can all probably guess, has the channel host commenting on various times the media has attempted to portray furries. I've not finished watching all of it, but from what I've seen, there seems to have been a HUGE improvement in what media has to say about us (with the exception that they all have a hard time keeping Furries and Therians straight...)

And yes, I know, a lot of what's said is Cringy (possibly on purpose, after all it is a news series and from what I've seen cringe seems to be a way to bring in viewers when you're morally bankrupt and also out of shock, fearmongering or dangerously cute content) and there Is still some negative portrayals (though to be fair, two of them were meant to be comedy - one of those possibly being self-aware humor and poking fun at the sillier sides of the fandom- and a couple are really old)  Most of the content though, even from traditional 'shock value' creators like MTV or even (it pains me to say) FOX News, have the journalist really try to take a positive approach and talk to the people (like a REAL interview! *gsap*) and even try out fursuiting to one extent or another.

Though two special mentions should be made.

First, one of the most glowing reviews came from a station in Pittsburgh. Specifically covering Anthrocon.  let that sink in a moment... This is a station in a town who has profited over 40 Million dollars from furries, AND is the home turf of one of the most vocal Anti-anti-furry advocates in the fandom, Unkle Kage (aka Samuel Conway) so... to be 100% fair to the station, I honestly dont think even if they DID want to write a "look at the freaks!" piece, that their career/s would have continued at that station. So, I kinda feel like despite it being another proverbial checkmark in the "furries are not bad!" column, it's kinda heavily biased and colored before it was ever conceived.

Secondly, and this one stunned me. was NCIS - a show by the same parent companies that largely brought the blight of "furries are sick sexual deviants" on us years ago with "CSI:" seems to have learned its lesson and this time around made it feel a lot more like its just part of "geek culture" because it's mentioned in-passing when two characters are talking about such things as Anime, Ren Faires, and lederhosen... O_o ??? it was used more for the excuse to make slightly-witty jokes than for shock value. So, yeah, they actually learned their lesson... that alienating a group as large as furries is going to come back to punch you in the wallet (and ratings).  I mean given the companies involved and some of their other work, clearly this had nothing to do with persecuting sub-cultures, its just they made the mistake of coming after one big enough to fight back.

Random Episode because I cant seem to find the playlist link:

So.. what are y'all thoughts on this? Are we finally starting to become more accepted by the hoomans? Or is this just a small reprieve before the onslaughts start again?

 on: March 25, 2019, 06:12 PM 
Started by Ashton Durkhun - Last post by Ashton Durkhun
Only one person? What about me?! You're kinda hard to forget Ashton. :P

I would ask "How've you been?", but I think we have that covered now.

Still, nice to see ya. :>

Doctor! *shakes head* er I mean Writer! *huggles*

Yeah, despite your best efforts, eh? ;)

Meh, I'm ok, not great but not bad.

*crickets chirping*

Oh, you... you already read the wall of text... heh... yeah, that line of BS isn't going to work on you now, is it....
(yes that bit was a bad joke)

Still, great to see you too, and yeah I hope your life has gone better than mine (not that its hard to do better than that, but....)

 on: March 25, 2019, 03:31 PM 
Started by Ashton Durkhun - Last post by The Pitiful Writer
Only one person? What about me?! You're kinda hard to forget Ashton. :P

I would ask "How've you been?", but I think we have that covered now.

Still, nice to see ya. :>

 on: March 25, 2019, 12:54 PM 
Started by Ashton Durkhun - Last post by Ashton Durkhun
Oh Ashton, you just made my heart go all fluttery! *hugs* Welcome home sweetie.

I will admit, the forum is pretty quiet. But I made a promise years ago, that for as long as i can afford it, I won't shut the forum down.

...so... I just dramatically swore to never again leave a ghost town...

Meh, still no regrets :P

(yep, still an arsehole, that's never gonna change ;) )

And thank you, I really missed the place and everyone (or well for a while almost everyone) here. *huggles*

OMG i was JUST fucking thinking about you!!! How are you?

See! I knew you had super-powers, you managed to draw me back in with your mind-warping abilities ;)

and oh sweet cheezus, that is a long and complicated question to ask me x_x

If anyone else asked me that, I'd just say "meh, I'm ok, not great but not bad" Buuuuuut I have this strange feeling that you'd be able to smell that pile of BS even through teh interwebz....

Ok, so... some major life points I guess that are relevant or that might at least relate to what you remember about me...

I've changed jobs, several times... mostly due to exploitation (being used by a younger, new, employee as a "reason" to her parents that she had to quit... long story I dont really want to get into here, but sufice to say all I did was make 1 off-color joke which wasn't even that bad --- and the situation exploded) then the next job I was working as much as 16 hours a day and getting paid for 8 or less... then the next one I was working about 10 hours a day and getting paid for 8 (and dealing with the absolute worst customers in the entire town BY MYSELF (service job) including having to be the "unofficial" night-shift manager (meaning I was the manager but got no compensation - absolute minimum wage and not even able to put "manager" on my resume) which lead to having an emotional breakdown on the job after the worst night of my working life... which they took me off the schedule permanently for --- but they didn't fire me or even write me up... interestingly its been like 6 months since this and I still dont have any seperation notice so I may still be on the payroll there... Anyway, from there I took another job similar to the one I had when I was still on here, though right now I'm only getting around 14 hours a week... so... yeah... barely making my bills, but I am at least treading water now instead of sinking.

Personal Life:
I've had one complete relationship since I was on here, from start to end (not that it was as intense in retrospect but at the time I felt pretty genuine), and I've had a couple failed attempts otherwise. I've also come to realize that I may not be bi-sexual, due to my lack of real *physical* interest in either sex, and instead be a-sexual... and not that it will surprise you, but I'm pretty sure I'm TG too, but my gender identity does not have a huge impact on me (mostly just "yeah, all things considered I'd be happier if I'd been born female --- but with social stigma and physical/financial cost to correct that, its not important enough to me to go through with) though I do crossdress a little more and push my boundaries a bit more.

however, the biggest change is a bit over a year ago I was officially diagnosed with depression. I actually got help and was feeling a lot better... then thanks to government mess I ended up after close to a year having to go off my meds cold-turkey (which was. not. fun.) and not been able to get back on them since and wont be able to for a long time, which I kinda feel is even worse since I now know how I *could* be feeling, and that only fuels the depression more...

Fandom life:
not a lot to say here, I kinda withdrew into my shell for a long time from the furry fandom except for continuing my old SFX art - though only rarely and never taking pics or posting because as bad as my self-critiquing was before, it's gotten 10x worse now... Though I have started watching a lot of furry content on youtube, which is nice, and I've decided when I finally get my bills under control again (right now more wishful thinking, but...) that I am going to try to make a fursuit... and considering I probably wont dislike or might even enjoy it, if I have the time and money I may actually try to become a maker part-time, but again this is just a "whenever I can" type deal... but it's downright painful to see the prices on suits today, especially when you compare it to the actual material cost...

Also, not a brony anymore. Well, no more than the typical furry that thinks of it as just one more piece of furry media (really, really, disliked how they handled character development in season... 3? 4? not 100% sure where I stopped now, its been so long, but they wreked two of my favorite parts of the show so. very. hard.) Still, I'm only "meh" about it now instead of against it. I would be willing to RP it still on my terms though, so yeah, again not "against" it but not really "for" it either anymore

Tangentially related here, but I've also surprisingly become a big fan of the new wave of Disney TV series that are making animation for everyone again! DT2017 and SvtFoE as well as Gravity Falls (and REALLY looking forward to hearing more about Owl House)

Oh and I actually did a furry costume for Halloween last year. In public! if you're interested I'll try to dredge up some photos. Surprisingly everyone I saw loved it and got absolutely zero criticism!

I think that's all the major points, all of those can be elaborated on, of course, if you want to know (This forum REALLY needs a Spoiler tag so I can collapse walls of text most furs don't care about or even want to read >.< ) I feel like I may have missed some stuff, but I'm sure it will come up at some point. Sorry if this was more disjointed or wierd than you remember, I kinda only got like 2-4 hours sleep last night and am honestly probably going to go take a nap as soon as I post this (or after I eat maybe) trying to get back on schedual since I have to work tomorrow... and friday... and thats it this week x_x

Anyway, Hopefully that atleast entertained you at points, and I hope things have been much better for you in this time :)

 on: March 25, 2019, 11:52 AM 
Started by Kata'lina - Last post by Kata'lina
Hey guys!!
i know the forum is quiet. But well, it's not quiet in other places! We have a discord!The server is Spots and Stripes and the main channel is of course Furrie Haven
Same feel as here. Warm, welcoming and of course silly.
So, if you'd like to come and join, add me as a friend @Katalina0454 Hope to see you there! <3

 on: March 25, 2019, 11:46 AM 
Started by Ashton Durkhun - Last post by Kata'lina
Oh Ashton, you just made my heart go all fluttery! *hugs* Welcome home sweetie.

I will admit, the forum is pretty quiet. But I made a promise years ago, that for as long as i can afford it, I won't shut the forum down.

 on: March 25, 2019, 11:44 AM 
Started by Ashton Durkhun - Last post by Kata'lina
OMG i was JUST fucking thinking about you!!! How are you?

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