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Title: Rules
Post by: Kata'lina on January 02, 2007, 10:46 PM
Furriehaven Rules.

First, I want to say welcome to Furrie Haven. I do hope you will enjoy your time spent here. Please take note of some of the rules I have in place.

1. Adult Content

I do NOT allow for real life nude photos on this site, Nor do I allow pornography or links to Adult sexual sites, other than those of the furry variety. Such content will be removed and the poster warned.

2. Respect.

All members will show respect to one another. This is a friendly board, and I wish to keep it as such. Please remember, for all intents and purposes, you are in my home. While I wish for you to be relaxed, comfy, and laid back having fun, I also wish to see respect shown to each member.

2a. Trolling.

A troll is a bulletin board participant who posts for one or both of two reasons: 1) to disrupt; 2) to gain attention. Trolling will not be tolerated. The Mods and Admins have a guide to trolling that they will follow and judge behavior appropriately. Some informal warnings may be given in regards to inadvertent offenses, but repeated trolling will be dealt with with the following process:

1. First offense - Warning - publicly, and reminded of the rules.
2. Second offense - Warning - Possible 48 hour cooling off period. Avatar changed to troll, as a reminder to both the poster, and others, that the behavior has continued and is unacceptable. Ability to change Avatar back granted after 1 week.
3. Third offense - Warning - 1 week cooling off period, Avatar remains troll for 1 month. Mod review of member.
4. Last offense -  Ban


Bashing will Not be tolerated. Not bashing of members, staff or even another site. That will NOT be allowed here. If you have a gripe with another site, which we all know sometimes happen, you Can vent about it, however leave the site's name out.

If someone makes a post that offends you, Please, do not respond to it. Instead, send a pm to either a moderator and or the admin. From there a proper course of action will be taken.

However, If you respond to it, and it escalates, then you will be reprimanded as well. So save yourself the trouble, don't respond to it. Either walk away, ignore it, or tell a mod and or admin and we will handle it.

4. Angst.

We all have problems yes. Sadly it's a cruel world we live in. However I will not tolerate someone bitching moaning and groaning all over the board for the simple desire of receiving attention. It's rude and annoying. However, this is not to be confused with the need to vent about things. If that need comes up, and you need a understanding ear, or simply a place to Let it All out...then by all means, post away in the "Talk it Out" thread. That is what it's there for.

5. Moderators.

They are not exempt from any rule I post, for that matter, Neither am I. [That would be rather silly don't you think?] They are chosen because I believe they can do what I need them to do. They are not any more different than any of the members here. Save for the fact they keep an eye on things.  They are here to help keep the peace should something arise.

Basic duties of the moderator:

1. They oversee board activities, making sure everything is running smoothly.
2. They help with any user queries, lock/move any duplicate/inappropriate threads.
3.They also sometimes have to give out warnings. All warning given are approved by me first.

Our mods do a lot more than just this, however this is a basic overview of what they do.

Our staff Moderators:
Administrator - Kata'lina

The moderators do not take in their own personal feelings on the matter of giving warnings. Nor do I. When such a decision is made, it is for the good of the board, not because one of us is angry or have a personal vendetta against someone. This is my site, this is my forum. In short, this is my baby. All decisions are made final by me.


I have a three strike rule...and even then depending on the situation, things can be worked out. Should any of the rules be broken,

First strike - is a warning.  given in Pm or publicly, be it by Me, or one of the moderators. In which case, I will be given a copy of the offending post, as well as the warning to said member. Also, Any posts in pm related to that offense, will be forwarded to me as well. For both the moderator's and the member's protection.

Second strike - Can result in a 48 hour cooling off period (see 6a) or it can result in a one week suspension. It takes a lot for me to consider such a thing, The member will be informed Via E-mail, with the reason for the suspension.

Finally the third offense. - This will result in permaban. member will be notified in e-mail and their ip blocked at the root level. Now, please bare in mind most issues can be talked out and resolved. Be mature about it, I'm willing to listen. the whole crew is. We are not quick to hit the permaban button here. We would Much rather resolve the issue than to ban someone.

6a. Cooling off period:

There are times when members will disagree and fight. There is a grievance area for this purpose (see section 8. Fighting). Moderators will have the right to call for a 48 hour cooling off period for any member, or group of members, that disrupt the board by breaking these rules. A cooling off period is a 48 hour hold on the offending members account. The member will be able to log in, read posts, read messages from the admins or moderators, but will not be able to respond on the board. This cooling off period may be used in conjunction with any and all other disciplinary actions by the moderators. It does not require approval, only documentation of the offense.

This rule is designed to allow members to take time to calm down from emotional situations and evaluate what

6b. Suspension and Banishment.

Before someone is suspended or banned, The staff and myself hold a meeting to see if it is warranted. While the final decision is mine, I would much rather see if a resolve can happen rather than banishing someone.

We are not bound to the three strike rule. If a member is being harassing, treating others with blatant disrespect, doing damage to the community and the board. Then I will forgo the 3 strike rule and go straight to banning.

Bear in mind, the purpose of the three strike rule, is to be fair and diplomatic to our members. However it is not meant to hinder our ability to moderate the board in the best interest of the members and community.

Should we feel that giving the three chances will do more harm than good, then we reserve the right to forgo those strikes and go with banning. For example, should a member join and within 24 hours of joining, cause discontent, and harassment, then that is cause for immediate action and will go straight to being banned without negotiation.

6c. What earns a permaban:

There are a few things that will Earn someone a instant permaban. And that is, Harassment via pm or on the board, Sexual Harassment, and persistent breaking of the rules, be it on the board, or in pms. If I am given posts/ pms where this is happening, I will permaban the offender.

7. Fighting

Sometimes it happens. If you find you have a problem with another member here, or moderator, or myself, by all means let us know via pm or e-mail. We will do what we can to resolve the issue. I will not tolerate fighting all over the board. If the issue gets That bad, then I will invite you to The Grievance section [you won't see that forum on here as it is a hidden private forum] And we will work it out in there. If I see any fighting on the board I will remove the posts and give warning to those involved.

How the grievance section works.

If I tell you, or if a mod tells you, to go to this section, only you and the other party/parties will see this section. You are to hash it out in there. Not all over the board.

In the grievance section there is no moderating. It is a no holds barred area where you are to lay it on the table and work it out.

If you have received a warning, and then get called to the grievance section, if you make an honest effort to help resolve the problem, that warning could very well be wiped clean.

The grievance section is not a punishment, but a means to resolve ongoing issues, or new issues that has risen.

If you have a issue with a moderator, or even myself, you can call us to the grievance area. In said area we are not mods, I am not admin, in short you will not be disciplined. As long as the problem can be resolved.

The grievance area is not to be used for petty little fights, but to truly resolve problems. Do not abuse it.

Moderators will watch the section but will not moderate.

8. Copyrights.

First thing is first. all items posted on this board is copyrighted to the poster unless otherwise noted. Secondly no part of this board can be reproduced onto another site. Not without the poster's permission.

All Art, Rp, Stories, and Poetry are intellectual properties of the poster/creator. Again unless otherwise stated. Do not take their works without their permission.

9. Regarding posting art.

I would prefer that if you post someone else's art, that 1, you get permission from them, and 2. that you give credit to them.

Now I understand that in some cases, there is no sig on the art. so please, simply post where you got it from, and ask if anyone knows who did it.

10. Multiple Names.

Mods and Admin are allowed multiple names. Although it must be cleared by me first. Secondly, members Are allowed multiple names however it can Only be used for role play purposes. Not for adding to the other threads. And also, that Must be cleared by me.

I reserve the right to deny a multiple name. Bare in mind, I have my resources to check Root Ip addresses. Which means, I can see where you are from and a lot more concerning said ip address.

Now I do understand some people might have roomies, or siblings or what have you using the same pc that might even join here, Please let me know if this is the case.

If a catch a user using multiple sns, without letting me know first. The three strike rule goes into effect.

That is all for the moment with the rules. As this is a growing site, some rules will be changed to better fit the needs of the site. some more maybe added in the future. Please remember, these rules are For you, not against you. And always know, if you have Any questions about the rules or anything else, please don't hesitate to pm me, or one of my staff members. Once more, I bid you a warm welcome to Furrie Haven, and thank you for taking the time out to read the rules.
Title: Rules
Post by: greybrother on January 12, 2007, 05:09 AM
Hope it's alright I repost this thing..

I wanted to add some thoughts on any and all rules found on this forum. They're there for everyones' benefit. If you disagree with them then likely this isn't the forum for you. That said, we like to keep things loose here. In a world where everyone were self-governing, there would be no need of rules, and we're fairly self-governing here. You might even think of the rules as common-sense guidlines if you like. But if you read through the rules looking for loopholes for example, then just go ahead and leave now and save us all some trouble. We're looking for members that will take the best intrests of FurrieHaven and all it's members to heart and help us show the world how beautiful furry, yes, All things furry can be. We can't do that if we're always fighting among ourselves, so FurrieHaven seeks, among many other things, to strike a balance between every aspect of furry. We accept all definitions of "furry" and proclaim that they are all really one beautiful entirety. No need to judge or condemn one another for differing views. You will be accepted here, as long as you are accepting of others. That's the idea.
Title: Re: Rules
Post by: JTigerclaw on August 09, 2008, 03:39 PM
Because of recent events that have taken place (which we've done our best to keep under control, and have acted swiftly in reprimanding the perpetrator), a new rule has been instated.

This rule states that, although we have a three strike rule in effect for disciplinary purposes, it is meant to serve as a fair and unbiased way to handle members who are acting up, forum misdemeanors, and to issue warnings where necessary, in keeping with the tradition of being as fair as possible to our members and only taking extreme disciplinary action where it's completely necessary. 

HOWEVER - The three strike rule is NOT meant to hinder the admin/mod's ability to police the forum in what we feel is the best interest of the members and the community as a whole.  If somebody comes in and wreaks excessive havoc in a very short period of time, you better believe we're not going to sit around and wait for it to happen two more times before we can take the appropriate action.

That being said, the rules are in place as guidelines, but they are not written in stone.  Being a mod or admin involves judgment calls based on various situations and we will do whatever it takes to make the right decision and to protect our forum and our members from harm.

So the new rule is that if we deem it appropriate and necessary to do so in maintaining the safety and well-being of the community (and under extreme circumstances and as a last resort) we have the right to ban members immediately upon their violation, foregoing the three strike rule.  This is done to prevent an imminent disaster from occurring by allowing a very disorderly member to cause high amounts of damage, believing that they can only be issued a strike for each infraction, no matter how great or small.

Like I said, this rule has been instated out of necessity, and we believe it is in the best interests of the board that this option be available to us.  This does not mean we're increasing the intensity of our rule enforcement, as we will continue to moderate at the level we have been, at a level everyone is comfortable with.  But when it calls for it, we will not hesitate in acting to eliminate any threats from the board swiftly and without hesitation.

Take note, all, and thanks for your attention. 
Title: Re: Rules
Post by: Kata'lina on September 14, 2008, 11:49 AM
This section is locked.
However you are free to discuss the rules here.

Title: Re: Rules
Post by: JTigerclaw on September 23, 2013, 10:33 AM
Bumping this topic to the top.