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Title: Who runs Furrie Haven?
Post by: Kata'lina on January 12, 2007, 11:31 AM
Hi there! I'm Kata'lina

I Own, and run Furrie Haven.

My goal here is to create a haven for all furry and furry friends.

I pay for the hosting of this board, [although donations to help it grow would be super appreciated!!]

No one but myself on this board has the power to ban or suspend someone. However, My moderators Can suggest for it to occur, and only then do we discuss it. Several times over.  However, we don't like to ban members, and that is a last resort.  We prefer to work things out first, if we can.

I have four moderators...

The Pitiful Writer

They help me keep the board in tip top shape.  If a situation arises on the board, I have the final say over how it is handled.  But I do trust their judgment to act in a way that is in the best interest of the board and the members, should I not be around to handle it.

In my absence, such as, if i was to be gone for longer than a week, I would have The Pitiful Writer act as admin in my stead.

If you should have Any problems with anything, you are more then welcome to talk to them. They are good people, and they will Not bite your head off. That's my job ;)


Or you can come to me.

Thank you.